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15 Easy Diwali Desserts

Diwali is this weekend!! This year’s Diwali is unlike any other that I have seen in my lifetime. When we moved to the United States, I thought I will never feel the same joy and happiness that I felt on Diwali day at home. That changed over the years as we made friends, made our residence into a home, and started our own Diwali rituals. This year feels different. I have cleaned and decorated the house, I am preparing Diwali mithaiis, getting ready for Bhaiya dooj etc. But still something feels different.

Diwali is my favorite time of the year. It is all about family, friends, getting together, sharing laughter and sweets/mithaii/Indian desserts. So to keep things as normal as we can, I ma bringing you 15 Easy Indian Diwali Desserts from the blog archives that would be a perfect addition to your Diwali spread. This blog post is your one stop post for making Diwali Sweets (or make them for any other occasion).

Indian sweets, known as “mithai”, which literally translates into “something sweet”, are mostly unlike traditional Western desserts. While there are many different sweets from different parts of India, I have over the past few months shared some of our favorite on this blog with you. This is in no way an exhaustive list, actually it is not even close. But if you are craving for a simple, homemade Indian dessert this Diwali, I got you covered. Most of the ingredients are easy to find and you do not need a specialty food store to get the supplies. Ranging from diamond-shaped burfi to a bowl of syrupy rusgullas, I welcome you to an adventurous trip to land of addictive Indian sweets. Just one bite and these beautifully aromatic and exotic Indian mithais suddenly become something you crave, especially during festive occasions.

Easy Besan Pedaa

This Besan Pedaa recipe is the easiest Indian Mithai or dessert that you can make for any special occasion and impress your guests. A softer version of besan ka ladoo, besan pedaa melts in your mouth and is a taste to remember.


Kesar Malaaii Peda

Think of these pedas as a melt in your mouth creamy fudge. This would be my winner for Diwali sweets contest, though people might differ..hah. Not that I care!

Besan Badaam Burfi

Remember the diamond shaped burfi that I mentioned above? This is one of those diamopnds! Besan badaam burfi is a simple besan burfi that is made richer by adding ricotta cheese and ground almonds.

Besan Badaam Burfee

Shahi Tukda

I would not count this as one of the traditional Diwali Sweets, but my mom always made it and I love it. During my recent trip to India, my friends (from the United States) stayed with me at my parents’ house and this was one of the things my mom served with tea when we first reached there. talk about a light snack with Anywho, fried slices of bread tossed with luscious Rabdee – yes please!

Shahi Tukda Recipe


This is hands down my most popular Indian sweets recipe. Popular on the blog and popular among my family and friends. Bonus – it is super easy to make. Oh and the shortest ingredient list you will ever see for making Diwali Sweets.

Rusgullas_Easy Gluten-free Indian Dessert _FI

Coconut ladoo

Remember when I said that rusgullas have just a few ingredients? Well, these coconut laddoos take the crown of fewest ingredients ever! Just 3, ladies and gentlemen. I mean – it does not get simpler than this. Use a good quality non stick pan like my Scanpan and you have it!

3-ingredient Coconut Ladoo

Besan Burfi

Sometimes simple is the best! And this burfi definitely fits in that category.

Besan Burfee

Meethe Chawal or Zarda

I am a rice lover through and through. Give me a Diwali Sweet made with rice – you have got a happy girl. This fragrant dessert spiced up with aromatic spices like saffron, clove and cardamom is perfect for the fall festival of Diwali.

Atte ki Pinni

Punjab’s favorite dessert or breakfast or snack. It is just that good. Protein and healthy fats make this one of the healthiest Diwali Sweets. Bonus points for being super easy to make. Kids love it as it is a grab and go snack plus dessert for them.

Sooji ka Hulva

This is one of Dr. A’s speciality along with Atte ka Hulva. The recipes of both the hulvas are very similar. And both the recipes have made it to Diwali Sweets list. For many years after moving to the States, hulva was our go to dessert to make for any festive occasion.

Kesar Elaichi Shreekhand

Saffron and cardamom flavored thick sweetened yogurt. Yup, that is it! Make it with homemade hung curd or greek yogurt and you have an easy, healthy (ier) dessert at your hands. See the trend here – easy, quick, healthy. That is what it is all about.

Atte ka Hulva

The brother (or sister) of Sooji ka Hulva (see above). The whole wheat counterpart of semolina (sooji) hulva. Lately, the kids have been enjoying this hulva more than sooji ka hulva. May be they are talking after me as I grew up eating atte ka hulva way more than sooji. Honestly, it is hard to choose. If you can make one, you can easily make the other one as well. Very similar!

Baklava Bites

Baklava is a Turkish dessert. So what is it doing here in Diwali Sweets? It is here because it can easily be an Indian dessert or should I say World dessert. Flaky puff pastry filled or layered with nuts and soaked in sugar syrup. Who in the world would not like that? This recipe of baklava bites is a shortcut take on a traditional baklava but is in no way short on flavor. If you want to add it to your Diwali Sweets thaali, nobody would object. I promise!

Easy Vegan Churros with Cinnamon Sugar Recipe| Meatless Monday

Okay, another non-traditional Diwali dessert. Easy Homemade Churros – perfect to snack on when that sweet craving hits. Simple vegan pastry dough deep fried and coated in cinnamon sugar for a perfect dessert bite. So, why not!!

Easy Vegan Churros with Cinnamon Sugar Recipe Meatless Monday

Apple Tart

Okay, last one I promise. Easy, eggless, fruity and perfect for Diwali. So, if you are looking beyond a traditional dessert, this might be it!!!

This brings us to a close of my Diwali Sweets roundup. Does it include your favorites? Or would you want me to share a recipe of a Indian sweet that you like? Please let me know in comments below. Happy Diwali to you!

Love – Vaishali.


  1. Jenna

    October 22, 2022 at 12:28 pm

    I hope it starts to feel more like Diwali for you! It sounds like such a wonderful tradition. All of the desserts look and sound amazing, but that Rusgulla!? 😍 Yum!

    1. Vaishali

      October 23, 2022 at 11:01 pm

      Thanks Jenna. Yes, it’s so important to celebrate these festivals for our family. Rusgullas are one of our favorites as well!

  2. Kevin Foodie

    October 22, 2022 at 2:35 pm

    You hooked me with desserts. These Diwali desserts are very unique to me. I have come across a few of them on the gram. The baklava seems delicious; I would try them all. Thanks for sharing your food culture with us.

    1. Vaishali

      October 23, 2022 at 11:01 pm

      Tough choices, right? Hope you get to try some!

  3. Eva

    October 23, 2022 at 11:16 am

    Great post! I love Indian desserts!

  4. Catia

    October 23, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    I want to try all of these! yum!!

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