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Warm Belly Bakery Cookies – A Review

It is the season to be happy, sharing our joys with our loved ones and what better way to share our love and appreciation than to share a delicious treat with them to show we care. Warm Belly Bakery in Chicago is one such place. Talk about yumminess heaven! Warm Belly Bakery sent me a Assorted Cookie Tin (6) to try out and our family was super excited!

First of all – how cute is this tin? The cookies come in this pail style cookie tin that is spacious and safe to ship edibles in. Ms. Little A has already claimed it for reuse after all the cookies are gone, i.e., after five minutes of opening!

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As you know that I do a lot of baking myself and have several cookie recipes up my sleeve (see some recipes here, here and here), however it is always great to receive goodies in mail. These Warm Belly Bakery cookies had six different assorted cookies and they were all great. The most visible feature of each of these cookies that makes you stop and admire them is the sheer size. I mean these cookies are BIG. My biggest apprehension with big, round cookies that look like little domes is that they might be “doughy” in the middles. But I was completely wrong.

Each cookie was perfection.

First up was the Blueberry Lemon White Chocolate

Blueberry Lemon White Chocolate Cookie

This cookie was a burst of flavor from fresh blueberries inside and slight tartness from lemon. White chocolate definitely added some richness. Mr. Little V enjoyed it very much!

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Talk about a classic sandwich just better, well because it is a COOKIE. I loved this one – it was like a sugar cookie filled with peanut butter and strawberry jelly. Yumm!

Sugar cookie stuffed with peanut butter and jelly

Mexican Chocolate Cookies

This cookie is a chocolate lovers dream. The slight spice of Mexican chocolate is so good.

Warm Belly Bakery mexican Chocolate

Other cookies includes in the tin were Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate and Red Velvet Stuffed with Nutella.

Red Velvet

This was hands down my favorite cookie of the batch. Perfect combination of chewy and crunchy without being doughy at all. It had a springle of coarse salt on it which was such a welcome surprise to cut all the sweetness. I would go back to Warm Belly Bakery just for these (and more of course). So good!

My only critique of this Assorted Cookie Tin (6) would be that it did not come with any information about the cookies so that we could know which cookie was what. And also, as a member of a family that has people with nut allergies, I would definitely appreciate and recommend if Warm Belly Bakery would either package the cookies with nuts separately or at least mark that these cookies contain nuts.

Overall, The cookies were amazing and Warm Belly Bakery can definitely expect a visit from me in December when I go to Chicago. Do you guys live close to Chicago? Or are looking for a edible gift for someone special in your life? I would definitely recommend the cookies from Warm Belly Bakery in Chicago.

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Love – Vaishali.

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