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Top Ten | January

So February is here! I feel like this month totally snuck up on me. There are so many things I wanted to do to give the year a fresh start and so much that was planned to share with you here at The Kitchen Docs. But, guess what – that did not happen! So now, I can either sit and cry about what did not happen or just take it in my stride and revel on what actually did happen and that is that me and you, together launched this new home for TKD. All of you are my partners in crime because hadn’t you shown all the love and appreciation to the old TKD, the new would not have born!

So today I leave you with what was most loved here in the past month and also with a promise to try my best to squeeze in remaining January plans into February along with February stuff..tall order..but I will try my best. WORD!! Below are top ten posts of January – and you will notice a trend – homey, warm and winter-weather posts trending. I love that you and me are on the same page about seasonal, local and healthy food!

Ghee – I want this post to reign on TKD forever and ever!


With weekend meal planning trend spreading like a wildfire, and thankfully so for a busy mom like me, these Grain Bowls with grilled chicken are a life saver.

One of the most beautiful thing about us moving to United States has been making friends from all different cultures and regions of India – who would have thought? And this traditional Punjabi recipe of Sarson ka Saag remains to be one of the most requested dish by my non-Punjabi Indian friends. I gladly oblige!



My love of rice has no bounds and I might be developing a slight sweet tooth as I grow older. My love handles are enjoying this new phase of life and this recipe of sweet rice (meethe chawal) is “knock your socks off” delicious!


No Punjabi winter is complete without some seasonal achaars and these two pickles of gajar gobhi shulgum (it’s no.3) and galgal are a must try!



While we are at it, makki ki roti in many different forms and flavors makes apperances daily in breakfast lunch or dinner back home. This is my humble attempt at one kind of makki ki roti.

We like to mix up things when it comes to picking our weeknight meals. I like to include some kind of pasta/pizza night and Mexican night along with our regular Indian fare. Kids love it and I get a break from coking Indian everyday (I love it though). We have loved this soup for years now and I recently discovered a way to get around the fact that the pasta soaks up all the broth as the leftovers sit in the refrigerator. You should check out this Minestrone soup recipe here.



A girl got to indulge in some deep fried goodness once in a while and when the deep fried food has whole grains and veggies in it, major SCORE! Serve this poori with chutney, achaar, jam or a bowl a khatte meethe aloo – a winner right here for you!


This is no surprise that this recipe of Atte ki Pinni won January on TKD. Given the busy lives we live today, these are perfect for on the go snack, a healthy breakfast with a cup of whole milk or a satisfying dessert.


February is sure to be another fun one, with (hopefully) more food and This and That posts lined up for you. Thank you so much for stopping by when you do, your support and comments mean the world to me! Happy almost-weekend, friends!

Love – Vaishali.

Feature image source: Career Girl Network

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