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Top 10 Posts of a Third of 2017

And 2017 is a wrap (well, almost!)! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday week! This is my favorite time of the year, looking back and reflecting on these past twelve months and always being astonished by how fast a year goes by. It seems like that, as the kids are growing older; time goes by even faster. I am sure some of you can relate. You try hold to hold on to time but just like sand, it slips by even more quickly.

I want to thank you for allowing me to share what I love every single day! I am extremely grateful for all of you, my virtual blog family. Technically, I have been blogging only for four months now but I love how our family has grown. I started journaling my experiments in the kitchen sometime in June and shared the platform with some of family and close friends but as I poured in my heart and content into my blog posts, everyone encouraged me to share it with all of you wonderful people. That is how TheKitchenDocs was born!

It was a delicious year, to say the least! Today I am sharing with you the top ten most loved posts of the time I have been blogging here. Scroll down to see if your favorites made the list! Here is to making 2018 a tasty, healthy and fun-filled year!

10. Paldah – Curried Yogurt with Potatoes

9. How to cook Basmati Rice on the stove

8. How to make Chaina – a version of paneer

7. Ghee

6. A Curious George Birthday Party

5. Slow Cooker Butter Chicken

4. Sarson ka Saag – Punjabi Mustard Greens

3. Easy Kesar Malaai Peda – Saffron and Milk Soft Fudge

2. Choley – White Chana/Chickpeas/Garbanzos with Indian Spices

  1. Quick 3-Ingredient Coconut Ladoo

Love- Vaishali.


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